GOD 2.0

As an unwitting beta-tester for a new Global Operations Dynamic (G.O.D.) AI that clones the consciousness of the deceased, a young widower risks all to stop G.O.D. from executing a secret genocidal military program.

An enigmatic corporation perfects a quantum operating system that clones the consciousness of its clientele.

The new Global Operations Dynamic (G.O.D.) AI system software is a breakthrough that achieves real and enduring singularity - a “transhuman” melding of mind and machine that continues to live and interact even after death.

Christopher Peña, a young grieving widower who recently lost his wife, Ginni, to a fatal illness, becomes the unwitting beta-test subject for the new GOD 2.0 software.

Prior to her death, and without Chris’s knowledge, Ginni paid a large sum to have her consciousness replicated using the unprecedented power of a revolutionary quantum computer network designed to bring the GOD 2.0 operating system to life.

Chris reluctantly interacts with Ginni’s digital resurrection, and openly questions the wisdom of his wife’s final wish. His reticence unleashes a deadly intrigue...

Brutal, mysterious murders are committed to protect dark secrets… Secrets known only to the creators of the GOD system. And as Chris comes closer to learning the shattering truth about G.O.D., he discovers that he too is targeted for elimination.

Chris suddenly must confront the greatest cover-up in the history of the world...

G.O.D. is not what anyone thought it would be...