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Script Competition Semifinalist Austin Film Festival 2022
The Red List, Coverfly, Ranked #1, Top 1% in genre/formatNew York International Film Awards WinnerWinner, LAFA, Los Angeles Film Awards 2021Sedona Film Festival Finalist Second PlaceCreative Screenwriting TV Pilot Semifinalist Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards SemifinalistPage International Film Festival QuarterfinalistCreative Screenwriting Unique Voices SemifinalistFinalist, Santa Barbara Internatiional Screenplay Awards 2022Semifinalist, Hollywood International Diversity Film Festival, 2022Launch Pd Pilots Competition Second RounderQuarterfinalist Inraods Screenwriting Fellowship

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In 1973 Los Angeles, a spirited Chicano family rock band is discovered by an ambitious record exec. Catapulted on a rollercoaster journey from the barrios to pop stardom, they must rely upon their heart, talent, and street smarts if they're to survive the racism, intolerance, sexual predation, and vicious gang crime of that era.

In ensuing episodes, their musical success will only amplify the challenges they'll face. This is the compelling "fish-out-of-water" story-engine - supercharged with powerful BIPOC and LGBTQ characters who courageously defy the status quo, and the adversity of poverty, while never allowing anyone nor any institution to define them.

Poignant, romantic and triumphant, Esperanza delivers a dramatic and original Latine saga that will attract an audience ranging from Gen Z to Boomers, while generating a lucrative franchise awash with ancillary music and product opportunities.

Though occurring in the seventies, Esperanza is very much a story for our times - the social inequities we still confront, as well as the plight and struggle of the marginalized to claim their rightful place in the American Dream.

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