The North American Version

When a feisty Oklahoma prairie town is faced with imminent foreclosure, a country lawyer turned mayor, a vocational film instructor and a flailing Hollywood talent agent join forces to thwart the efforts of a greedy land developer bent on turning their town into a fracking wasteland.

The town, named Kann, once boasted the world's twelfth largest shoestring factory. But with the factory shuttered and the town mortgaged to the hilt, the financial vultures are circling, eager to pick the town apart. Determined to save their beloved home, the residents decide to hold the First Annual "Kann" Film Festival – hoping that confusion over the town's name will help secure high priced entry fees. And with the help of a desperate but clever Hollywood agent, they just might do it.

A rousing, satiric comedy accented with powerful social issues, Kann promises to be a must-see film of the festival circuit.

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