Renegade Lens Introduces Groundbreaking IMA Alliance for the 2023 American Film Market

Burbank, CA - Renegade Lens Pictures has announced the formation of its International Media Acceleration (IMA) Alliance, an innovative production “shepherding” and funding initiative designed to launch highly profitable and exceptional independent theatrical film and scripted television series projects sourced from the best unproduced screenplays and pilot scripts available.

Renegade Lens is partnered in this endeavor with Geneva-based, global finance executive Stuart Wilkins, a banking expert with an accomplished record as a fund director for one of the world’s most prestigious financial institutions, as he oversaw over $1 billion in investment funds.

He is also active as an executive financial consultant and the Founder of SW Solutions, a company that specializes in fiduciary consultancy for private firms and institutions, with a specialization in the entertainment industry.

Also spearheading the IMA Alliance is veteran award-winning filmmaker David Christopher Loya. Both Wilkins and Loya serve as co-managing directors for the initiative.

Joining the executive team is Toronto-based Renegade Lens Producer and Senior VP of Original Content, Melanie Arden. Melanie is also the Founder of Norlane Motion Pictures, a Canadian film and television production company partnered with Renegade Lens.

The IMA Alliance exec team also features Women in Film Awards Best Director Nominee, and indie-film producer, Sara Wilkins, the Founder of Richlas Productions, a UK-based media company that focuses on the creation of thought-provoking, socially relevant content designed to raise collective empathy and awareness.

"The IMA Alliance offers a proprietary framework designed to identify and nurture the most promising unproduced screenplays while employing rigorous vetting criteria."

"And we've crafted a unique ecosystem to accelerate high-caliber projects, taking them from script to screen through a proprietary five-step structured process that expertly guides the successful evolution of an independent film or television project all the way through international distribution placement," said Loya.

Wilkins added, "For investors, it's an opportunity to tap into lucrative film and television returns with proprietary and powerful built-in risk mitigation strategies. We offer preferred returns thanks to our premium profit structure."

The IMA Alliance launch will be introduced by Renegade Lens Pictures at the upcoming American Film Market conference from November 2nd through November 4th in Santa Monica, CA.

"We're thrilled to introduce the IMA Alliance to the industry as we begin building our slate."

"And we’re proud to leverage our access to some of the best unproduced scripts out there, and our protocols help ensure we only select projects with outstanding artistic and commercial merits," noted Loya.

The IMA Alliance aims to launch 7 completed theatrical films and 3 television series over the next 2 years. The initiative will feed into a larger IMA Production Alliance, further enabling, and funding, a streamlined pipeline from development to production to worldwide distribution.

At the core of the IMA Alliance lies the Renegade Lens Conscious Filmmaker™ Protocols, a scoring metric that identifies key elements for commercial and financial triumphs in the realms of film and television.

"Our Conscious Filmmaker ethos encapsulates the power of a well-crafted story that resonates with the collective soul of its audience," said Loya.

The IMA Alliance is set to launch with two flagship projects that are now ready for late-stage development and preproduction. They are:

G.O.D. OS, a gripping thematic cross between The Terminator, Her, and The Matrix, G.O.D. OS explores the apocalyptic perils of unchecked AI development.

The screenplay has received multiple coverage recommends and garnered over 25 wins and accolades in international competitions.

And, Esperanza, a ‘70s period piece YA musical drama focusing on a Mexican American family rock group discovered by an ambitious record exec and catapulted from the barrios to overnight pop stardom, but they still can’t escape the era’s racism, street crime, and homophobia - as they fight to stay true to themselves and their dreams.

Esperanza has been recognized with over 30 industry accolades and ranks #1 on four separate Coverfly Red Lists.

Renegade Lens Pictures invites industry professionals to learn more about the IMA Alliance initiative at the American Film Market conference, where the team will be in attendance from November 2nd through November 4th.

To set an appointment contact Melanie Arden: .

Stuart Wilkins
IMA Alliance Managing Director

David Christopher Loya
IMA Alliance Managing Director

Melanie Arden
IMA Alliance Executive Producer
Senior VP of Original Content

Sara Wilkins
IMA Alliance Creative Executive

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