Renegade Lens Arrives at the 74th Annual Festival de Cannes

Stanlei Bellan

BURBANK, CA - Our Cannes Marché du Film accredited production team once again returns to the French Riviera. We’ll be joining the international community of professional filmmakers gathered for the motion picture industry's greatest film festival.

This will be time of tremendous energy, accomplishment, and celebration. World cinema is coming back strong, and Renegade Lens Pictures is committed to being part of the effort to bring original content creation back to pre-pandemic levels and beyond.

A thematic cross between The TerminatorHer and The Matrix, the G.O.D. OS screenplay has received seven RECOMMEND ratings by veteran industry script analysts, and has been recognized by over 20 awards and placements.

To access our pitch deck, click here.

Besides guaranteed domestic theatrical distribution, attached is Shiva Negar, the recent co-star with Michael Keaton on American Assassin and a regular cast member of the CBS hit show SEAL Team.

Our most modest estimates for ROI range between 26% and 82%. And our projected ROI on a 2000 screen U.S. wide release is well over 25x - minimum.

To arrange to meet with us through July 15th contact David Christopher Loya here: .

We look forward to seeing you at the Festival de Cannes in the beautiful Côte d'Azur!